Essential Oils from the Himalayas

Lavender Oil

Lavendula Angustifolia. Produced from high altitude lavender grown in the Kashmir region of India.

Juniper Berry Oil

Juniper Communis. Juniper berry oil is made by steam distilling ripe berries growing in the Himachal region.

Cedarwood Oil

Cedrus Deodara. Stumps and roots of Deodar, a species of cedar native to the Himalayan region, are distilled to produce this oil.

Angelica Root Oil

Angelica Glauca. This musky earthy oil is produced from steam distilling dried roots of the plant. This oil is highly seasonal and not available all year round.

Rose Oil

Rosa Damascena. Damask roses grown on the hills and mountains of Kashmir are hand picked for distilling this gorgeous oil.

Valarian Root Oil

Valarian Wallichi. The roots of the plant are distilled to produce this strong smelling oil.


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