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FP Aromatics Singapore, a family run business, is one of the largest producer and exporter of Sandalwood Oil. We have been manufacturing/supplying this product for 3 generations - we are priced competitively and can guarantee superior quality owing to a stringent manufacturing technique and in-house lab facilities. We strongly believe that forming long-term relationships with our customers is the secret to a successful business.


Over the years, we have built strong sourcing partnerships with local farmers and distillers, specifically in the Asia Pacific region. We are a Singapore based company with deep roots in India. This great location advantage allows us to apply our vast domain expertise and bring only the best locally produced oils for our customers. Today our product catalogue comprises of over 50 different oils that we either produce or directly source from one of our partners.


Our clientele is global and includes small and big flavor and fragrance companies, distribution houses and traders, aromatherapy companies, cosmetics producers, pharma and alternate medicine companies, and also niche perfumery houses. 


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